We offer 360ᵒ support, from the design and set-up, to the day-to-day management of your loyalty program.

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Loyalty Program Preparation


We design the best fitting program for your business, develop a 5-year enrollment plan with ROI analysis and customize the loyalty platform accordingly to ensure seamless operations

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Amplify™ Loyalty Platform Components


A state of the art platform, supporting the design of complex reward schemes, accompanied by flexible campaign management tool and powerful analysis capabilities

 Post Roll-out Business Support


We train your employees, develop all essential activities and using advanced analytics we build portfolio strategies to boost business impact while also monitoring the results of the program

Loyalty Program Preparation

  • Deep dive into the business strategy & priorities
  • Collect and analyze business insights on company’s positioning vs. competition (i.e. internal brand & market researches, if available)
  • Collect business KPIs & key financial metrics (including business profitability metrics)
  • Collect and analyze existing portfolio data to understand portfolio dynamics and identify opportunities to be addressed by the loyalty scheme
  • Deep dive into the business technical infrastructure in terms of ERP, CRM, Email & sms marketing, digital marketing, dynamic re-marketing & eCommerce
  • Design the best fitting CVP for your customers, taking into account business priorities & constraints
  • Market Analysis & Best reward Practices
  • Alternative Concepts design for the loyalty CVP
  • Reward accumulation and redemption proposal and relevant cost
  • Cost analysis, marketing and customer acquisition plan, expected ROI
  • Set the performance KPIs for managing and monitoring the program effectiveness post roll out
  • Members’ registration processes design in a customer journey format
  • Reward accumulation logic & redemption process according to the CVP of the design phase
  • Covering all information & functionalities of all platform’s module
  • Material delivery covering testing scenarios, users training description as well as detailed API’s
  • Role Management, Administration and complete configuration of the application
  • Develop and deliver the marketing brief for the complete loyalty branding and for the design of all marketing & collateral materials for the loyalty program
  • Design and deliver to the business the end – to – end reward mechanism such as process roadmap with partners, enrollment process for new members, etc
  • Coordinate legal activities for the development of the Reward Terms & Conditions
  • Analyze the operating model with partners as well as with the entire process of communication and agreeing with them
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Amplify™ Loyalty Platform

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We offer a fully customizable multichannel Customer enrollment capability (in-store, mobile apps, web app, call center) as well as a 360o view area for each enrolled member’s interactions, transactions and profile characteristics in order enable all business touch points to optimize the customer experience. Several possibilities are offered both to customers and internal users of your organization.

This is the area where points are being processed every day for each and every customer. The orchestration of the loyalty program as well as a numerous of actions including promos, formulas, segmentations for both accumulation and redemption are performed by the Loyalty administration panel:

  • Multi Points accumulation mechanisms based on transactions, customer attributes, behaviors or interactions with the business
  • Multi Points redemption capabilities in the form either of cash back, discount, or voucher for supporting in house redemption
  • Ad-hoc reward promos set up functionality for specific time period, products or customer segments

A wide variety of options is available in the campaigns module of the Amplify platform. This is a module that can also be separated and independent (link to campaigns page). Briefly the campaigns module includes the following:

  • Mass & targeted campaigns through all communication channels
  • Automated Campaigns Execution through real time integration with messaging platforms
  • Build in Customer Selection Criteria, custom-made for the business
  • Integration with messaging and email platform

The insights are is providing a dynamic dashboard environment for monitoring & management of the loyalty program. It also includes a dynamic tool for analytics and reporting. A limited view of the insights area is also the platform’s initial homepage where the logged-in user can quickly view and become engaged with the basic reporting features as well as necessary information for his account.

It is a specialized portal where the possible collaborating partners can manage their accounts, create promos or use the customer redemption functionality. This particular are covers:

  • The points redemption capabilities at collaborating partners in the form either of Digital Loyalty Coupons, E-shop coupons, Pre-Loaded Partners Coupons, 3rd party loyalty coupons,
  • Integration with 3rd party systems for redemption (i.e. e-shops, 3rd party loyalty)
  • Microsite for coupon validity check and coupon redemption
  • Administration of Partners accounts

This part is related to the API of the Amplify which can be interacted / integrated with any appropriate system of your organization. The target remains the collection of transactional data as well as any interaction captured through the organization’s ERP or online activity.

Post Roll Out Support


Provide support for the execution of periodic marketing campaigns


Deliver Campaigns Performance Evaluation reports with metrics based on predefined KPI’s


Conduct a semi-annual loyalty program performance review


Monitor market trends locally and globally and propose enhancements / adjustments in the reward strategy


Work together with you as a trusted partner

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Why Amplify™?

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Be Attractive to Customers

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Be profitable

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Focus on Branding and marketing

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Boost sales & revenue

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Be flexible to adjust based on changing priorities & needs

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Grand support for long-term strategy

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Get committed partners

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Focus on operation al excellence

 Did you know?

When consumers were asked to mention the elements they look for in a loyalty program, they stated:

Easy to use

The provision of multiple
ways to earn rewards faster

Relevance to their needs

When consumers were asked to mention the elements that will urge them to use a loyalty program more, they stated:

Flexibility on redemption
(across many partners)

To be fair towards the customer:
the more I spend, the more I am

Targeted communication
with offers that are relevant to my
personal needs and habits

Optimize your Loyalty Program
processes with Intelli for
increased efficiency and security.

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