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SynChordiaTM Back-Office Pro solution is designed specifically to handle the complexities and challenges of back office processing environments. It is a human centric & document driven process management solution that automates back-office processes, reduces time consuming manual tasks, automates paper intensive activities and processes vital data more cost effectively.

Simple Steps

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BPO Services

An optional set of services that includes all preparation steps so that the files become digitized. May contain file transportation & collection, file preparation, scanning services with high-end devices and post-preparation.

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Document Processing

The main core engine of SynChordia™ BackOffice Pro using Machine Learning and Image Processing technologies with the following modular and fully customizable steps: Classification, Data Extraction, Business Rules Engine.

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Digital Delivery

All results are delivered to your systems via different integration techniques or our own Web Document Management System may also be used. We then erase all data from the BackOffice Pro engine based on GDPR standards.

BPO Services

Intelli’s highly qualified BPO personnel can handle all
preparation services for your documentation, which amongst others are:

Collection of documentation with specific collection/delivery protocols following ISO 27001 standards.

Documents Preparation (unclipping, unstappling, page
separation) with special treatment for high sensitive files
and according to batch management processing

Scanning services with usage of high quality scanners which
fit your exact files’ needs using various image processing and image enhancement methods and techniques.

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Document Processing

The platform receives each input page/document and follows a simplified process with three main steps:

Classification techniques are matching each document with a doc type thus acomplishing a smart integrity check at first level.

Data Extraction is recognizing specific metadata from
your documents according to your exact requirements.

Business Rules Engine will validate documents’ fields
following specific rules execution set as well as cross
document validations


There are three different types of deliverables following our process which include the single and unique document files along with their extracted metadata per document as well as the validation results which are coming from our Business Rules Engine.

All types of deliverables will be available with different options:

API via web services methods either in JSON or in XML format

Secure FTP

Export to structured file formats (eg XLS, CSV, XML, TXT)

Uploading to the integrated SynChordia™ Web DMS platform

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Features & Benefits


Complete business process
outsourcing service with
regards to all BOA modules
and functions


Full service for digitizing all
papers base processes

Cost Reduction

Effective and quick cost
reduction from cost
segments (Operations, man effort,
storage, data retention)


Software solution complying
with regulatory and
compliance frameworks

Document Management

Out-of-the-box document
management solution, with an
effective integration with core

Workflow and Role

Workflow and Task managment which automates to BOA process
at all organizational levels.

Optimize your Back-office
processes with Intelli Solutions for
increased efficiency and security.

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