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Credit Scoring and rating is a figure that reflects the likelihood of collecting money from your customers

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There are many factors calculated before reaching at a final score, such as:

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Payment History

Payment history counts approximately 40% of the score. If your customers make payments on time every month and don’t have negative public records for lawsuits, bankruptcies or foreclosure, they will do well in this specific category. The later the payment — – the more the final score gets penalized.

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Credit Utilization

We need to count on customers that don’t spend close to their credit limit. This figures counts approximately 30% of the final score.

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Credit History

The longer customers own a product, the more they improve their score, provided they pay on time. Credit history for loyal customers is a significant factor that counts approximately for 20% of the final score.

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Credit Use

For a healthy credit score, it’s always helpful our customers to use a variety of different products thus providing additional information on the customers financial behavior. Credit use counts approximately for 10% of the final score.

Explore your Clients’ Credit Scoring

Intelli is offering a powerful mechanism for effective credit risk prediction. Using specific algorithms and various probabilities’ models, you can predict the risk of debt creation. The system evaluates all the recent data and classifies your customers by determining their credit reliability.

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Track the financial behavior of your
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