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End-to-End Digital KYC Process

Digital KYC process is the transition of the traditional KYC process with high levels of safety and reliability and following the rules set in AML5 or eIDAS regulations.
Intelli as a trusted Advisor in the digital transformation area, offers a wide range of digital KYC solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI), Image processing, machine and deep learning that are helping large enterprises in their digital transformation based on a methodology that is fully compliant with current regulations.

According to global regulatory requirements, it is imperative for all large enterprises to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) solutions without sacrificing the end-user experience. Based on our technology, the end-users are taken through a quick series of steps that includes ID capture, a quick selfie or video with “liveness” detection as well as video conference with verification operators if needed, and then verified in just a few seconds. In that way, the identification and verification of the identity of the clients occur immediately, helping businesses to increase their conversion rate up to, and offer an easy and simple advanced experience to their clients.

Our solution manages to reduce costs and bureaucracy and offers a digital processes, fully compliant with regulation thus completing a customer journey of a digital on-boarding from the initial request to the final digital signature of a contract (end-to-end process)

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