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Our specialized team can drive your Organization to build and effectively apply a KM strategy in order to create, store, retrieve, transfer, and apply knowledge within your

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 Applying Corporate Know-How
in a seamless way

For customer-oriented Organizations that need a unified way to handle the multichannel customer requests, Knowledge Management provides end-user customer communities with an effective way to identify and solve an increasing percentage of requests in many industries. Moreover, it offers simple and convenient ways for internal users to organize, share and access knowledge through a multi-channel approach.

Intelli’ s experience & expertise in the area of Knowledge Management (KM) can further assist Organizations to build knowledge out of information that is managed or contained. Our consultants can drive your Organization to build and effectively apply a KM strategy in order to create, store, retrieve, transfer, and apply knowledge.

More specifically, we offer:

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Centralized Knowledge Base

A structured common knowledge repository that contains information. Deployed for a wide range of knowledge, ranging from simple to the very complex.

Multi Language Platforms

Support multiple languages and can be deployed to support all communications channels (web, calls, email).

Advanced Search Engine

A variety of tools to search and retrieve
existing information and knowledge fast and accurately.

Decision Making Tool

Tools which guide customers & employees to the best decisions

Informing & Alerting end users

Notification & alerting mechanism that alerts employees to new and edited documents.

Categorization & Classification

Collection of information under categories for easy access and retrieval.

Easy access to fresh & timely content

Easily find fresh and timely content.

Customized Templates

Templates to create information so that all information reflects the familiar corporate standards.

Workflow capabilities

Workflow capabilities to effectively manage the way knowledge is created and / or updated.

Knowledge Access by the end user

Configured for use by contact center agents as an answer tool and/or as a self– service tool for use by end–customers on a website (e.g, as FAQs).


Integrated with other contact center service components, such as Integrated Voice and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and other databases to further enhance customer service and increase efficiency

What to expect

Improve customer service by
streamlining response time

Improve Agent Productivity and
Customer Satisfaction

Boost revenues by getting products
and services to market faster

Reduce contact volume (when
implemented as a self-service tool

Streamline operations and reduce
costs by eliminating redundant or
unnecessary processes

Reduce training time and
costs for new agents

Enable immediate insertion and
distribution of valuable information

Improve Customer

When consumers were asked to mention the elements
they look for in a loyalty program, they stated(1):

Reduce Call Repeat
& transfers: -30%

Reduce Call
Duration: -30%

Reduce Training
Time: -80%

When consumers were asked to mention the elements that will urge them to use a loyalty program more, they stated(2):

Provide First
Time Fix: +24%

Increase Consistency
of Answers: +25%

Increase Customer
Satisfaction: +10%

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