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Intelli’s products and services can fully support your business strategy by effectively integrating business needs and technology advancements in the most efficient way.



idboxTM Customer Digital Onboarding

idboxTM Customer Digital Onboarding is the most innovative digital onboarding solution for customer engagement, identity verification and quick service activation ensuring fast customer onboarding and effective compliance to KYC regulations through end-to-end automation.


SynChordiaTM BackOffice Pro

SynChordiaTM Back-Office Pro is a human-centric & document-driven process management solution that automates back-office processes, reduces time-consuming manual tasks, automates paper-intensive activities and processes vital data more cost-effectively.

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SynChordiaTM Web DMS

SynChordiaTM Back-Office Pro is a web-responsive application that contributes to the more efficient handling of documents. It is also used as a task management tool based on your company’s Workflows and Business Rules.



Amplify Loyalty – One Customer

Amplify is a breakthrough end-to-end customer management software solution; redefining the way you approach your customers and creating long-lasting relationships with them.


Amplify Campaign Management

For businesses with clients’ data sets across different systems that are looking to build a centralized infrastructure for running effective, customer-centric campaigns leveraging the full potential of your customer portfolio across multiple marketing channels.


SynChordiaTM Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management provides end-user customer communities with an effective way to identify and solve an increasing percentage of requests across different mediums in a simple and convenient way for internal users to
organize, share and access knowledge through a multi-channel approach.



SynChordiaTM Debt Management & Recovery

SynChordiaTM Debt Management & Recovery, an application designed for dynamic debt management strategy, is a solution that manages, automates and controls collection & recovery processes from the early pre-collections stages to litigation management.


SynChordiaTM Credit Scoring

SynChordiaTM Credit Scoring enables businesses to track the financial behavior of their customers by assigning to each client a rating that reflects their financial credibility.


SynChordiaTM Legal Monitoring

The solution provides you the ability to develop a series of tasks and applications across all legal processes and debt recovery. It can be adapted to a digital transformation process since it is empowering mobility and overall visibility across bad debt recovery processes while fulfilling all EU legislation rules including GDPR.


Specialized portfolio for the exact needs of financial institutions.


High expertise in the business of modern telecom operators.


Offering digital transformation solutions to improve their operation and achieve revenue growth.


Combine deep expertise in the utilities industry with digital innovation to bring end-to-end services to the clients.


Focus on customer satisfaction along with the digital transformation of the companies.


Bridge physical and digital experience to transform the retail experience


The speed and the demands of business today are increasing. The organizations need to get to results more quickly and with greater certainty, facing thus, new challenges. Intelli Group’s primary goal is to provide customers with effective solutions that meet their needs, beyond any boundaries! Our consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities:

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